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2024 Annual Conference - Santa Fe New Mexico - 08/01/2024 to 08/03/2024

Workshops for 2024 Annual Conference - Santa Fe New Mexico

A Brief History of AI
I. What Is Artificial Intelligence II. A Brief History of Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence ? Turing and Chomsky’s Early Contributions III. Narrow v. General AI ? Deep Blue v. Gary Kasparov (1997) ? Alpha Go (2017) IV. Large Language Models (LLM) and Neural Networks ? Attention is All You Need (2017) V. Creating Generative AI ? What is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) VI. A Discussion of AI Tools and Capabilities ? Open AI’s ChatGPT 4 ? Anthropic’s Claude ? Facebook’s Llama 3 VII. Risks Associated with Using Generative AI as a Lawyer ? J. Castle – Order re: Mata v. Avianca (NY) ? People v. Zachariah Crabill – 23PDJ067 VIII. Ethical Obligations ? ABA Rule 1.1 – Competent Representation ? ABA Rule 1.3 – Reasonable Diligence ? ABA Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality ? Rule 3.3 – Candor to the Court ? Rule 8.4 – Misconduct IX. Predictions for Generative AI in Business and Law X. Business Use Cases For Attorneys and Law Practices XI. Questions

General Session

AI Powered Legal Tools Transforming the Practice of Law

Beat the Drum for Justice: How the 19th Century Supreme Court Shaped Racial Issues in the 21st Century.
A historical examination of racial injustice in America and the hope created by emancipation, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments, and Reconstruction. Our speaker will explore the demise of Reconstruction, with an emphasis on the Supreme Court cases that failed to protect the rights embodied in the War Amendments, leading to Jim Crow, segregation, and the racial issues we have today.

Best Practices for Preserving Trial Issues for Appeal


Workshop Materials
Closing Reception - Cava Bar

EDI - Diversity in the Law: Persons with Disabilities

General Session

Friday Night Soiree - Convention Center

Growing Up With Heroes: A Daughter’s Journey with the Navajo Code Talkers

How Legislation is Changing the Construction Defect Practice

Impacting Your Case with ESI & Cellular Investigations
Attorneys will learn why ESI and cellular analysis is important. Vestige will go over a cellular tower case study, showing how location data can be used, along with the process of collecting email and cloud accounts. The presentation will also cover the volatility of electronic evidence and the need to collect it, as soon as possible. A demonstration on location mapping from social media applications is also included.

Insurance Bad Faith Update

Is Your Court Reporter a Robot?

Workshop Materials
Judges Panel - Susan Blanco, LaQunya Baker, Andrew Luxen, Jon Olafson, Sarah Wallace, Sueanna Johnson

Lunch & Learn: Legislative Update

Lunch and Learn - Case Law Update

Mountain Bike Trail Ride

New Lawyer

New Lawyer Greeting Party

New Lawyer

Our AI Future and the Law - Miriam Vogel

General Session

Penalties in Workers' Compensation

Please Don't Silence Your Cell Phones: Effective Trial Techniques in the Tech Age

General Session

Presenting Your Case In A Bench Trial: Lessons from the Perspective of the Trier of Fact
Many attorneys mistakenly approach a bench trial like a jury trial. But successful attorneys know that a bench trial must be prepared for and presented very differently than a jury trial. In November 2023, Denver District Court Judge Sarah B. Wallace presided over the most watched and consequential bench trial in Colorado history – Anderson, et al. v. Griswold, et al. (a/k/a the case to keep former President Donald J. Trump off the Colorado primary ballot). Judge Wallace will provide tips and tactics, as well as some cautionary tales, to help you persuade the court at your next bench trial. Topics will include pre-trial briefing, tailoring your opening statement and closing argument, evidence and objections, and what not to do in a bench trial that you might normally do in a jury trial.

General Session

The Role of Human Factors in Premises Liability Cases - Young Bui, Nathan Mayercsik, Exponent and Ashley Lawson, Sutton Booker
When encountering a premises case (i.e., trip/slip and fall), the primary focus is often on the relevant codes/standards. Though important, that approach can be limited in explaining why the fall event occurred. And while there are various disciplines that can help assess how and/or why a fall event occurred, human factors can uniquely provide an understanding of whether a given fall incident can be explained by typical human behavior, which in turn is informed by a wealth of scientific studies. This presentation will discuss the visual perceptual cues, looking behavior, and avoidance responses that not only help pedestrians safely navigate their physical environment, but also aid in predicting the likelihood of a fall event. We will also address issues related to codes and warnings that are often seen in these types of cases, as well as common claims made by experts in relation to human factors.

Workshop Materials
The Trump Trial – Defending Racketeering Cases in a Civil Environment

Thursday Night Opening Reception
New Mexico History Museum and Palace of the Govenors

Top 5 Appellate Tips for Civil Practitioners

Vendor Raffle Drawing

War Stories

Welcome & Announcements

General Session

Whiplash! Keeping Up with the Ever-Changing Landscape of Employment Law

Your Changing World - Transitioning from New Lawyer to Seasoned Litigator

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