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2024 Annual Conference - Santa Fe New Mexico - 08/01/2024 to 08/03/2024

Dr. Brent Van Dorsten, Ph.D

President, Colorado Center for Behavioral Medicine

Community-based medical psychology service invovled with clinical care, research, medico-legal evaluation and testimony, psychological and neuropsychological testing, and national continuing education for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals. Cognitive-behavioral assessment and treatment for medical patients with pain, physical injury, concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, and chronic illness. Forensic/legal evaluation and testimony for personal injury, delayed recovery, and biopsychosocial factors affecting physical and emotional recovery from illness or injury. Research investigating behavioral factors affecting the longitudinal course of chronic illness (e.g., diabetes, obesity, heart disease), factors affecting the influence of pain on physical and emotional function, and biopsychosocial factors influencing surgery and medical treatment outcome. National speaker for physican, nursing, psychology and allied healthcare professionals on psychometric assessment of medical patients, behavioral strategies to assist management of patients on long-term opioid treatment, behavioral management of pain and physical injury,and implementing behavioral services into medical environments to improve treatment outcomes.

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