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2022 Summer Conference - 08/04/2022 to 08/06/2022


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CLE Affidavit

CLE Affidavit

Young Bui, Ph.D.


Dr. Bui uses his experience related to human cognition to evaluate perceptual and decision-making issues that contribute to accidents. He has specialized expertise in assessing visibility and conspicuity issues, and has applied this knowledge to incidents involving automobiles, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles/scooters, and tractor-trailers. He performs general assessments of roadway environments that include analyses of lighting, glare and sightline evaluations as they may relate to vehicle accidents, slip/trip-and-fall scenarios, and other premises liability claims. Dr. Bui is also active in research on various topics in human factors, including driver looking behavior, perception of roadway hazards, divided attention, and witness memory of events. As a trained psychologist, Dr. Bui utilizes his education and expertise to assess the role of warnings and instructions in various accidents scenarios for both products and premises. He combines his knowledge of human behavior with his OSHA training to evaluate how the behavior of individuals may contribute to industrial and occupational accidents.



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