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2022 Summer Conference - 08/04/2022 to 08/06/2022


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CLE Affidavit

CLE Affidavit

"Are you SURE you want to send that?" Lawyers and Listservs: Best Practices and Ethical Cautions

General Litigation

Hillary D. Patterson

Ethics Credit - 15 minutes

General Credits - 50 minutes

Listservs are tremendously useful resources in the legal field. They serve as valuable resources of knowledge, experience, references, and community (and sometimes a good laugh). They provide a platform for easy communication with broad groups with common needs and interests. However, they are also fertile ground for abuse and misuse, and can lead to unintended consequences. This presentation will address best practices, common mistakes, and some entertaining anecdotes on using and contributing to listservs. It will touch upon listserv etiquette and the various ways users can contribute and get the most out of an invaluable resource. Discussion will also include applicable ethics opinions, rules of professional conduct, and other legal and ethical considerations when using and contributing to listservs.

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