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2023 Annual Conference - Steamboat Springs CO. July 23-25 - 07/23/2023 to 07/25/2023


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CLE Affidavit

CLE Affidavit

Lessons from My Life by Kristin Beck - Navy SEAL stories that highlight leadership and human rights

General Session - Main Ballroom

Kristin Beck

EDI Credits - 30 minutes

General Credits - 60 minutes

For decades, Kristin Beck hid her true self from her brothers in arms, family, and friends. Now, as the nation’s first openly transgender Navy SEAL, Kristin reflects on her years of honorable service and her many accolades, as well as her life beyond the Navy, including her journey to human rights activist and motivational speaker. Kristin touches upon themes of courage, leadership, and standing up for what’s right. In addition, Kristin explores the links between solid leadership, being an ally to those disenfranchised, and how nothing rewarding will ever be handed to you without hard work. Funny and sharp, Kristin Beck inspires audiences to find their voices and create better worlds for their selves, their teams, and future generations to come.

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