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Effective Legal Research and Writing Strategies for Defense Warriors
January 12, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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Presented by:
Marilyn Chappell, Sweetbaum Sands Anderson
Brendan Powers, Spies Powers & Robinson

Effective legal research and writing are critical defense warrior advocacy weapons - especially with limited in-person court appearances in the time of COVID. This 1.5-hour program is designed to hone your research and writing skills to help make your written arguments as persuasive as possible. The session will identify strategies for overcoming roadblocks to effective legal research and suggest strategies for avoiding common obstacles to effective legal writing, including word choice, sentence structure, repetition, and cursed confabulation.

Being able to balance the need for speed and clarity while staying ethically sound means one must cultivate the skill of writing respectfully. Words are powerful, especially in written documents. Respectful writing aims to balance courtesy, professionalism, and conciseness in a way that is considerate of intended, secondary, and hidden audiences.

The session will also address ethical guidelines for legal research and writing, including 1) choice and description of authorities, and 2) avoiding plagiarism and using others’ work ethically.

New lawyers and more seasoned advocates are welcome!

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